Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's...

The seam ripper hurtling through the air? Yes, sorry. That was me. I've waited to post again because I wanted share photos of a project I'm working on. We've been so busy, though, and now that I've finally had time to sew it's giving me fits.

First, the original Itty Bitty Baby Dress. I loved this tiny, simple pattern at Made by Rae.

I thought, "Ooh, I have that darling fabric I've been dying to cut into. I really wanted to make something reversible. Hmm. I bet I could modify it just a tad." Maybe a bit of a stretch for the first piece of clothing I've sewn since Jr. High, eh?

Mostly cute. It resembles a dress; it's symmetrical. Can you see the problem, though? (No, not Monkey. Although I'm sure I've wounded his pride. He would like his Superman jammies back.)

My plan for making it reversible is to turn under both edges of the bodice, align them on either side of the finished skirt, and stitch through all layers. Try as I might, the stitching doesn't match up from one side to the other; it's wonky. Any suggestions out there? If an expert seamstress doesn't come to my rescue soon, I'm thinking lots and lots of ric rac.

Allow me to show off the accompanying flowers, however. One for the dress and one for a headband. This was a new pattern, too. These little beauties may become an addiction:

Well, I'm off to find the seam ripper. Try, try again. Kelly and I hope everyone is doing well. To our siblings and other family if far off places, "We miss you!"


Linda Hart said...

I'm afraid if you don't know how to do this it's hopeless. As the saying goes "If Ali can't do it no one can" Good luck!! It looks darling to me, Wish I had a girl to dress all up instead of always brushing off the dirt and making trips to the ER for skating injuries. ( Although that all makes for a lot of excitement) I guess I'll just keep the boys!


Tim and Lisa said...

Ali, It's a beautiful dress. I didn't know that you were in the nursery! I am too. Let's talk!

Jaclyn Stutz said...

Ali did you make that cute dress? You are so good. I'm afraid I can't even make a blanket. I'm hopeless. I don't know anything about sewing. Sorry. But keep it up it's cute!