Sunday, October 5, 2008

Moving the blog...

I've been told our new blog looks...a little lonely. Maybe it's time to post something, so everyone knows we're still here. Sorry about the delay. I've been working on finding the template out there that just screams, "This is SO me!"

In the meantime, our few visitors have asked, "Why Alfie?" Well, I'm Alfie. It isn't my given name, but my favorite nickname, a term of endearment, a name with lots of sweet memories tied to it. My family has called me Alfie since I was a little girl. They often still do, and now that my brother has a little one, I am Auntie Alfie.

My favorite place is Brighton Girls' Camp. Sometimes, I still sneak away from crazy everday doings to hide there. Working there in '99 and 2001, I really became Alfie. This was my camp name...and the name, the memories, the lessons learned, and the many wonderful ladies I worked with really influenced who I am now. (Wow, I miss those great girls!)

Lastly, a long time ago I came across the theme song 'Alfie' in my mother's piano collection. I loved the melody, and the lyrics are something to think about:

What's it all about, Alfie?
Is it just for the moment we live?
What's it all about when you sort it out, Alfie?
Are we meant to take more than we give
Or are we meant to be kind?
And if only fools are kind, Alfie,
Then I guess it's wise to be cruel.
And if life belongs only to the strong, Alfie,
What will you lend on an old golden rule?
As sure as I believe there's a heaven above, Alfie,
I know there's something much more,
Something even non-believers can believe in.
I believe in love, Alfie.
Without true love we just exist, Alfie.
Until you find the love you've missed you're nothing, Alfie.
When you walk let your heart lead the way
And you'll find love any day, Alfie, Alfie.

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Heidi said...

I am glad to see you have started a blog. I really think that they are a great way to keep each other posted on our lives.